ST Cutter

Rule processors without bending

ST Bender RBSM

L:1200mm W:1800mm H:2000mm Weight:250kg
• Cutting rule and creasing can cut at any length.
• This can set max 10 kind of press moulds
• This can make perforating rules and cut-creasing from cutting rule.
• This can recognize pre-manufactuered perforating rules and cut-creasng by sensor.
    And this can cut same of gap at edge.
• Please ask special shape moulds.

Video of ST Cutter

Machine type


  • Cutting rules
  • • 0.7mm(2pt)/0.9mm(2.5pt) H23.1~23.8mm
  • Creasing rules
  • • 0.7mm(2pt)/0.9mm(2.5pt)/1.4mm(4pt)/2mm(6pt)


  • Creasing rules
  • • 2mm(6pt)/3mm(8.5pt)


  • LLipping

  • PPerforating

  • BBridging

  • CcCut and creasing

  • NNicking

  • URelease cut under cut
      for bending

  • CCorner bridging

  • BcCreasing

  • ScStraight cutting