Suntex has been manufacturing and selling die-making related automatic bending systems and laser processing machines since 1990.
Currently, our products are used by professional manufacturers in over twenty-one countries around the globe and we constantly receive positive feedback on their performance and durability.

The Suntex Laser Machine (ST Laser) and the Suntex Automatic Bending Machine (ST bender ) are our flagship products; however, our close relationship with leading companies in the die-making and related industries sees us investing our energies into developing new products that will better serve the needs of our customers.

If you are interested in Laser Processing Systems and/or Automatic Bending Systems, please browse this website and do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiry you may have.
We pride ourselves on our expertise and efficient service. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself and the size of our company enables us to focus on and commit to maximum customer satisfaction.

Type of Business
Manufacture and sales of Automatic Cutting Rule Bending Systems,
Laser machines and Diemaking Equipment



SUNTEX CO.,LTD. was established in Japan
Entering Higashiosaka Chamber of commerce
Applying Japanese patent 特願平05-121731「曲げ加工方法」
Applying International patent 69402244
(DE) Vorrichtung zum Biegen eines bandförmigen Werkstückes
Applying International patent 94650012
(FR) Dispositif pour cintrer une pièce à usiner en forme de feuillar
(EN) Apparatus for bending a band-shaped work
(DE) Vorrichtung zum Biegen eines bandförmigen Werkstückes
Applying Japanese patent 特願平07-334777「工業用帯刃の端部切断装置」
Applying Japanese patent 特願2001-028745「帯刃加工装置及び加工方法」
Applying International patent 60100220
(DE) Vorrichtung zur Herstellung eines Stanzmessers
Applying International patent 1104438
(FR) Dipositif pour faire un outil à matricer
(EN) Apparatus for forming a band blade
(DE) Vorrichtung zur Herstellung eines Stanzmessers
Applying International patent 9791821 / US 6487887
(EN) Working apparatus and method for band blade
Applying Japanese patent 特願2003-288158「打抜き用刃物」
Applying Japanese patent 特願2009-231099「トムソン刃の溝削り加工装置」
Applying Japanese patent 特願2010-019990「トムソン刃の引き抜き装置」
Moving head office from Mikuriyasakaemachi, Higashiosaka to Omido, Higashiosaka
Moving Factory from Miyamachi Yao to Kano, Higashiosaka
New lunched updated ST Laser TC 3kw