ST Laser T series 1kw

Laser cutting products

ST Laser T series

L:3600mm W:4100mm H:2400mm Weight:3.5t (size of 1812T)

The ST laser comes equipped with a CO2 FANUC oscillator and FANUC NC as standard.
FANUC is renowned for high quality and comprehensive customer support.
Long-life, durable machines. Cross table body structure can make stable Laser beamsfor all direction.


ST Laser T series panel

Our machines is equipped FANUC oscillator.
High speed axial CO2 laser by high-frequency discharge excitation.
The Strong steel machines construction. Handle interrupt adjusting Z axis, feed.

Cutting sample

ST Laser T series

With the SUNTEX CAM LASER,you can adjust the cutting width of X and Y axes by respective parameters.

Video of 1kw Laser cutting

Machine type

1412 T

  • Work size
  • 1400*1200mm

1812 T

  • Work size
  • 1830*1220mm
  • • For plywood 3*6
  • • For plywood 4*6

2116 T

  • Work size
  • 2100*1600mm

*We are able to discuss your request table size.